We have an associate company, Team General Trading Est. based in the Emirate of Ajman, dealing with the supply of scientific laboratory instruments and consumables essential for commercial laboratories and educational institutions in the Middle East. Team General Trading Est. offer all services required for today’s engineering, geotechnical, instrumental and petrochemical industries, both in the laboratory and on site.

Team General Trading Est. supply the following specialized equipment and all its parts and consumables.
  1. Rapid Chloride Permeability Test Equipment ASTM C 1202 / AASHTO T 227
  2. Resistance to water under pressure DIN 1048 / BSEN 12390 part 8
  3. Initial Surface Absorption Test Equipment BS 1881 part 208
  4. Go / Not-go Gauge for Cubes Dimension checking BS and BSEN
  5. Grout Flow Cone
  6. Chloride Diffusion Equipment
  7. Standard sand used for calibration of sieves

Also supply all laboratory testing equipment for testing:

Soils Cement
Concrete Balances
Aggregates Ovens
Asphalt Sieves
Steel Laboratory Consumables

Concrete Inspection and Assessment

Concrete inspection and Assessment cover Half cell Potential Measurement Electromagnetic Cover-meter Survey Chemical contamination profiles ( chloride and sulfate ) Depth of carbonation Sonic ( sounding ) survey Compressive Strength testing Crack mapping and measurement of crack width etc.

Site Activities and Testing

Site Activity and testing cover Pull off test Disinfection of water lines and water storage tanks Dowel bar pull off test Plate Load test for soil verification of soil Bearing capacity Grout Testing Temperature monitoring by thermocouple technique Electrical Resistivity of soils Core Drilling through concrete and asphalt pavement Drilling through cast piles to depth up to 50 meters Concrete Fire Damage Assessment Failure Investigation of concrete and roads

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